The Founders Culturally diverse. Undeniably better.

Founded by industry leaders from competing Cayman firms, the Agency brings together an A-team of professionals who aspire to progress the recruitment industry in Cayman.

The Agency’s aims to modernize and progress the traditional way recruitment is done by cultivating a spirit of connection, innovation, and integrity while leveraging the most emergent technologies and social media strategies.

We foster a culture of partnership in which candidates and clients are represented in a cooperative environment by all of our team, thereby ensuring our clients and candidates have the competitive edge.

The Founders

Stefan Cohen

Stefan Cohen
+1 345 926 8638

chelsea flynn

Chelsea Flynn
+1 345 743 1771

vanessa gowen

Vanessa Gowen
+1 345 743 1772

The Team

payam montezeri

Payam Montazeri
Principal Recruiter
+1 345 743 1774

colin smith

Colin Smith
Senior Recruiter
+1 345 743 1769

mary clare

Mary-Clare Treglia
Senior Recruiter
+1 345 743 1770

Patrick Uzoka
Senior Recruiter
+1 345 743 1775

Taylor Badhwar
Recruitment Consultant
+1 345 743 1772

Joyce Mwangi
Recruitment Administrator
+1 345 743 1773