6 ways to tell if your Recruiter is a keeper

February 7, 2019

They keep the lines of communication open

One of the biggest frustrations for most candidates is being kept in the dark.  It’s become a common phenomenon of horror stories sweeping LinkedIn with candidates who feel let down by recruiters who have interviewed them, sold them on an “urgent need” or “hot job” and then after their CV is submitted, or even worse, after they have gone through the interview process never hear back from them again. A professional, reputable recruiter will always make it a priority to update you on your candidacy and provide you with feedback, even if they have not had thorough feedback from their end client, that in itself is feedback!

There’s no smoke and mirrors

If your recruiter struggles to even draw upon their past experience with their client, their knowledge of the market or their knowledge of the hiring manager then this is a red flag. You should still feel like you are building an open relationship with your recruiter. You should feel that they have your best interests at heart, are sharing everything they can with you to give you the best possible chances of success and in turn, that you feel comfortable sharing with them, where you are up to in your job search and whether you are considering other opportunities.

They’re credible

Recruitment is a performance-based industry. Years of experience within the recruitment field are not necessarily an indication of the recruiter’s abilities so do your research. Check out their LinkedIn, how many positions have they held? Have they excelled quite quickly within their experience? Do they have any recommendations? Do they share valuable content, articles, videos, advice, regular job postings? Is their reputation on the market a good one? Are they actually industry experts or is “vertical market specialist” just a term they’ve used to sound more credible than they actually are? Do some digging before entrusting them with your career.

They prepare you fully for interviews

Another major let down by some recruiters for many candidates is the lack of guidance and preparation they provide you with in advance of an interview. They’ve submitted your resume, secured you the interview and other than sending you the address, job description and contact details; failed to cover all bases with you. Not covered the job description in depth with you, given you the lowdown on the hiring managers, talked you through the process, the next steps, helped you with practicing interview techniques or advised you on the attire. The levels of interview preparation required by candidates varies with each individual so if you feel confident, ready and prepared for your interview, your recruiter’s a good one.

They treat you like a human being

Recruitment is about people. If your recruiter makes you feel like a commodity, move on. Your relationship with a good recruiter should feel like a partnership, giving you the confidence that they are your eyes and ears on the job market and are representing you in the best possible way the same way you represent them to the best of your abilities with any clients they introduce you to. It’s a two way street. If they level with you, provide you with honest and constructive feedback then you’re on to a good one.

They go above and beyond

This shouldn’t just be a slogan on their website but their genuine approach. Are they just doing the bare minimum? Or are they checking in with you, giving you helpful insight, providing you with useful resources and pointing you in the direction of beneficial contacts even when it doesn’t not directly benefit them? You should feel confident in their abilities to have challenging conversations such as salary negotiations  on your behalf. A good recruiter recruits because they love it, they have a genuine passion for what they do. If this sounds like your recruiter then you have a good one!