Dispute Resolution: why would working offshore enhance your CV?

February 15, 2021

The Cayman Islands has a reputation as a lawyer’s paradise, not just for the lifestyle perks but also for the high quality of work available in the jurisdiction. In this post, I have outlined some of the benefits for working in the jurisdiction as a dispute resolution lawyer.

Large, complex and cross-border

The Cayman Islands is a major international financial centre, with many of the largest banks, hedge funds, insurers and corporations operating and or domiciled in the jurisdiction. Complex, cross border and large scale litigation comes naturally as a result. Junior lawyers report more hands-on involvement in strategy, case management and technical aspects of the dispute resolution process from an earlier stage in their careers.

Advocacy opportunity

Jurisdictions like the Cayman Islands are not split jurisdictions in contrast to the likes of England & Wales. Lawyers who qualified as traditional solicitors can also appear in the higher courts. Even if not advocating, a junior lawyer would find themselves attending court sessions far more regularly than onshore.

Working with lawyers and clients from different jurisdictions

Lawyers from diverse backgrounds and jurisdictions such as the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are eligible to be admitted in the Cayman Islands*, giving you the opportunity to work with a diverse range of working styles, experience and cultures not always available when working onshore.

You would also be working with a broad range of clients, including onshore law firms, from a variety of jurisdictions including the US, LATAM, Europe, MENA, and Asia.  

Business development from an earlier stage in your career

A skill required by almost any lawyer to reach the peak of their career, offshore law firms provide their junior and mid-level lawyers with more opportunity to get involved in business development than is typical onshore. This could be with accountancy, insolvency and financial services firms in the jurisdiction or traveling overseas to meet with major clients or attending arbitrations.

Relationship building with onshore law firms

As much of offshore firms’ instructions derive from onshore law firms, naturally you would over time build a network of legal contacts with firms from various onshore jurisdictions.

The Cayman Islands’ legal recruitment market is extremely busy at the moment, especially within dispute resolution. If you would like to explore such opportunities then please contact Payam Montazeri via Payam@theagency.ky.

* as long as they meet the post qualification experience requisite of the jurisdiction.