Gaining Competitive Edge in Cayman

November 30, 2022

It is no secret that Cayman has a limited talent pool due to it’s small population size. A smaller talent pool can make you more desirable as a candidate. This applies if your skillset is A) one that is in demand B) you have the competitive edge over other talented, in-demand candidates in your field.

Candidate-driven market

It is said time and time again that Cayman is a “candidate-driven” market. Good talent is so in demand that you get to take your pick when it comes to several employers searching for the same thing. That being said, don’t be fooled into thinking that this means that you are going to secure the job of your dreams simply by default.

Becoming the preferred candidate

Although the talent pool is smaller here and there are typically more jobs available than candidates to fill those jobs, it also means that the quality of individuals within that pool is often very good, so having a competitive edge is key to making you the preferred candidate.

Employers here know that good talent is hard to find and they often expect that a preferred candidate may have other offers or may decline theirs so they often have a solid plan B candidate ready to offer.

You can differentiate yourself from the competition within your field in many simple ways.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t try to reinvent the wheel with your resume formatting. Avoid listing a decade worth of long-winded experience. Also avoid providing a simplified version with unnecessary graphics and buzz words like “adaptable, hard-working, problem-solving Turtle Feeder.”
  • Don’t hound the interviewer. Refrain from sending follow-ups such as “I have sent you my resume 2.5 seconds ago and you haven’t responded” on email, then messaging them on LinkedIn. Absolutely no poking on Facebook… Your doggedness won’t come across as motivated or hungry, it will come across as stalking and annoying!
  • Don’t assume that extensive qualifications alone will seal the deal. Qualifications are definitely a great way to demonstrate that you are a technical fit for a position, however for roles that do not require post-graduate qualifications as a pre-requisite; emphasizing your hands-on experience during an interview can take you a lot further.

The Do’s:

  • First impressions count. This begins with your application/ resume submission. Make a good one and use this as your shop window to the prospective employer. Keep it concise and to the point. Recruiters scan resumes in less than 7 seconds. Hiring managers may take a bit longer but your goal should be to make their life easier. Make it relevant and readable and ensure you are accessible. Are your contact details clearly listed and visible?
  • Be accessible. This is important. Nothing frustrates an employer more than receiving an application from what appears to be a quality candidate who is very motivated, yet can’t be reached. How are you motivated to find a job when you aren’t accessible?
  • Make a lasting impression. There are thousands of blogs you can read on giving an effective interview but to gain competitive edge you need to really be able to convey what you are selling, that is what you offer. What makes you the ideal candidate? Why should they choose you over the next person who has similar experience and/or qualifications?
  • Emphasise what is important to you. Sometimes competitive edge is gained not by just focusing on your accomplishments professionally but outside of work. This gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your authenticity. Parent? Indicative or being organized and working well under pressure. Body builder? Indicative of being disciplined and goal-orientated. Taking night classes? Shows you are self-motivated and committed to professional development.
  • Spark interest with your personal brand. What is your visibility like on professional platforms such as LinkedIn? How do you present yourself within your related professional communities, do you contribute and add value?

For more insight into how to boost your competitive edge, contact us today. Add a specialist recruitment consultant to your list of ways to gain the advantage, it’s exactly what we do: