#TechnicallyBetter: How to Effectively Utilize ChatGPT and AI Tools in the Office

June 14, 2023

Like it or not, ChatGPT has already started to change the way we work and while it won’t be replacing your job anytime soon, it can make life a little easier and assist you in your day-to-day activities in the office.

Since its release to the public in November 2022, ChatGPT has dominated the headlines, from creating articulated responses to questions to writing funny jokes and professional song lyrics. Recent surveys suggest that the powerful AI tool has been adopted by almost 50% of US companies with many more stating they plan to begin using it or other similar AI tools within the next 6 months. While the true extent of the impact on regular office life is still to be seen, I am certain that the next few years are going to bring some truly incredible developments in the evolution of these tools and how we operate as a business.

Writing last minute college essays aside… here are some of the amazing ways companies are making use of ChatGPT in the office.

As a Coding Tool!

ChatGPT is making its way into the software industry, whether you are trying to learn or a programmer there are several uses the application has that can come in handy! It is important to note that there are still limitations to the tool, you should check your work for errors.

  • Write tests, document & translate code into another language or even write it from scratch!
  • Format, analyze, convert, and organize massive amounts of data.
  • Fixing bugs – From misplaced brackets and commas to logical errors, ChatGPT can spot errors that could take you days to identify in a few seconds.


Learning New Skills

Learning a new skill can be daunting and time consuming! Often people will avoid taking on a new skill as they feel they will not have the time to fit it in while balancing a busy work & home schedule. Here is how ChatGPT can assist:

  • Finding Tutorials, Courses, and Resources – ChatGPT is excellent at finding relevant resources to help you learn your desired skill, all you have to do is ask, and it will provide you with a comprehensive list for you to choose from.
  • Learning from a Wide Range of Sources – Instead of relying on a single source for your learning, ask ChatGPT to provide you with information from a variety of sources, including blogs, forums, and academic papers. This helps to get a more well-rounded understanding of the topic and exposes you to different perspectives and approaches.
  • Act as an examiner and provide expert skill tips – As you learn and gather more information on your desired skill, you can ask for some expert tips and information on the topic to really start improving your ability. Once you are ready, ask to be examined and have some questions put together so it can test you as you go!

Time Management

Time management is something most people struggle with at some point or another and for many organizations, time is our most valuable resource. The next time you are feeling overwhelmed with a deadline or struggling to decide on how to prioritize your tasks, why not ask our new friend ChatGPT for assistance.

  • Advice on prioritizing tasks – ChatGPT can advise you on common task prioritization methods, it can also help you choose the most suitable method based on your specific needs and goals. Simply enter your tasks into ChatGPT, prompt it to sort the tasks by priority or into the ABCDE Method and get a better sense of your priorities in an instant.
  • Project Management – ChatGPT can help you break down large projects into smaller and easier to manage tasks and can even take on various roles in the project. It will act as a professional organizer, with a focus on getting through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible. It can provide several tips for improving efficiency. Many of them focused on speeding processes, and making rapid decisions in what direction the project should go!

Overall, I think it is an exciting time and the AI tool should be adopted by any organization that can make use of it. There is still a long way to go and the possibilities for now seem endless!

Please reach out to me at Colin@theagency.ky to discuss or share your own thoughts on these topics, thanks for reading!