How to Ace Your Remote Interview

April 20, 2020

For many this period will mark the first time you’ve ever had to do a job interview via video. As ever preparation is key – I know this is boring but it’s true!

Doing a video interview creates far more challenges than being able to interview face to face as you’re obviously not meeting your interviewers in person. That being said, it’s GREAT that they’ve chosen this option over a telephone interview as this is a much better way for you to showcase yourself and demonstrate your talents!

Here are some tips and tricks to help get you through the process:

Set Up

When you receive the video link whether it’s Blue Jeans, Skype or Zoom, be sure to accept the invite ASAP so it appears in your calendar and alerts the hiring manager that you’ve accepted the proposed time. Next up is to download the software. This will help to make sure you’re ready to go ahead of time and there are no last-minute issues. Ideally use a laptop or iPad – but a mobile is fine if all you have available. Try to do a quick test run with a family member or friend to make sure your camera and microphone are working ok.

Personal Space

As fun as the background edits are that you can do on some video apps, now is on the time. Please avoid! Get your computer set up in front of a blank wall or any plain-ish background that doesn’t allow for people/ pets to move behind you or has your interviewer looking at an unmade bed or a cluttered counter top.

Camera Ready

Make sure you are professionally attired, well groomed and are overall ‘dressed to impress’ – at the very least from the waist up (and be careful here!) For those using Zoom, there is a filter so there’s no harm in turning that on! Stack your laptop on top of some books to elevate it higher to your eye line and avoid you looking down into the camera.

Show Time

Ahead of time ensure the room has lots of natural light and is a nice quiet space. So make sure that your mobile is on silent and you want to avoid any possible interruptions from your kids or pets! Log in early so you’re ready and waiting for your interviewers to join.

Social Cues

It’s much harder to read cues when you’re not there in person to properly assess people and their body language. Be animated to show your enthusiasm and try to convey your energy and interest through your tone of voice.

Computer Says No

Video conferencing software is reliant on good WiFi which as we know can sometimes cut out, give you a blurry or pixelated picture or even a sound delay. Expect that at some point this may happen during the course of the interview! Turn the volume up high so you are best placed to hear questions and comments. Don’t panic if something goes wrong. Stay calm and alert the interviewer to please repeat a question etc. if you need them to.

Thank You

Going back to more traditional means of communication, after your interview send a thank you email to those you ‘met’ at the interview. It’s a great personal touch that will go a long way but particularly when social distancing has prevented you from meeting them in person.

Most of all GOOD LUCK!!! Reach out to your recruiter at The Agency if you’d like any assistance in your interview preparations. We are always here to help you. If you’ve found yourself on the market for a new role please contact me