Inclusion Cayman’s Making Waves All-Inclusive Annual Breakfast

March 19, 2021
Photo credit: Thomas Williamson Photography

The Agency was proud to show our support to Inclusion Cayman at their annual “Making Waves 2021 All-Inclusive Breakfast” breakfast last week at The Ritz Carlton along with over 500 guests. The aim of the event is to raise awareness for people with disabilities in our local community and to raise much needed funds to ensure that the valuable work that the Inclusion Cayman team does, can continue for years to come.

Inclusion Cayman (formerly the Special Needs Foundation of the Cayman Islands) provides support with everything from technical assistance to pushing for positive systematic change. This includes supporting those with a disability or those touched by family members with a disability. They support with advocating for legislative change, inclusive education, inclusive employment, advice, attending meetings and providing access to workshops and resources.

Chelsea Flynn, Co-Founder giving a speech on Inclusive education

As the mother of an autistic son, I was honoured to give a speech regarding my own personal experience and attest to the incredibly vital work that Inclusion Cayman does to support families like mine. As a mother and co-owner of a business that focuses on the employment space, I know first-hand that the decisions I make today, particularly in relation to my son’s education and learning development, will affect his employment access in the future. It is my aim to push for positive change wherever possible. I hope to see an inclusive Cayman, where employment access is not unnecessarily and unfairly reserved for those who are “typical” and living without a disability. Different learners, have different abilities that offer diverse value to companies all over the world. Yet here, most education institutions claim that they are inclusive but unfortunately it is more of a buzz word than the reality. Many companies include diversity and inclusion verbiage in their advertisements but their application process contradicts that.

I am extremely grateful for all of the hard work and dedication behind the work that the Inclusion Cayman team does and for all of those that support them. Without Inclusion Cayman walking beside me, I would believe that segregation is the only option for my child. Thankfully I have since learned that with the right people in your corner and with the right resources, knowledge and connections anything is possible.

The outcome of the event was a staggering CI$700,000 in sustainable funds being raised with 58 new individuals ad businesses joining the Inclusion Cayman Dream Maker Society (those pledging to give $1000 or more for the next 5 years)!

Inclusion is not a place.

Inclusion requires commitment to valuing ALL individuals.

Inclusion is belonging everywhere.

For more information on the life-changing work that Inclusion Cayman does or to donate and/or get involved visit their website here.