Interview tips: Working Abroad

August 15, 2019

Interviews for opportunities abroad can be daunting. You are in the application process for a job which is not in your area or your city – but a completely different country! They are however your gateway to your dream location and the chance to expand your horizons. The interviews can be different in format and substance – for one, it is unlikely that you will physically meet your interviewer – interviews in this scenario are often conducted either through a video platform or telephone. Here are some tips that will increase you chances of success:

Video Interviews

If the interview is being conducted via a video platform such as Skype, make sure you are somewhere private, quiet, with good lighting and stable internet connection. Given that you are not physically present with your counterpart, you want to be make sure you can communicate as well possible without any distractions. Do quick test-run before the call to make sure everything runs smoothly. We have heard many horror stories of candidates who had their kids run in during the call, or simply that their faces were barely visible, or that lagging internet caused awkward disruptions. You should also treat it like a face-to-face interview – make sure you are dressed formally even if you are at home!

Know where you are going

The interviewer may ask, “Why do you want to move here?” or, “What do you know about this (location)?” You need to show that you are well researched on the location and that you specifically and genuinely want to move there. The interviewer does not want to hear that you are considering London, Dubai, Sydney and LA. Show how that specific location suits your lifestyle; if you already know anybody there then make sure you mention it! If you already have previous experience adjusting to a new life abroad, also mention it!

How long do you see yourself living here?

Companies in places such as the Cayman Islands, Dubai, the BVI etc. sometimes have limited access to labour resources locally and they often have to invest heavily in their recruitment efforts to attract candidates from elsewhere, and so they will want a return on their investment. Unless it is a fixed-term contract, you need to let your interviewer know that you are not just planning on staying for six-to-twelve months. Most companies are realistic and know that in the long-term, you will probably want to return to your native country. But they want to know that you plan on sticking around at least for the medium-term (usually 2-4 years), and you are not just taking a long holiday.


If you are relocating with dependents, the interviewer will want to know what their plans are. If for example, you are relocating with your partner, will his or her profession be relevant to the jurisdiction? Does he or she plan to work and if not, will your income be enough to support the two of you? Will they be permitted to reside under your visa? The interviewer may ask these questions for reassurance that you will not be a flight-risk.

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