The interview experience (a must-read for employers)

September 27, 2021

The Cayman Islands recruitment market is often very competitive and quality candidates with strong skillsets often have multiple opportunities in pursuit. The purpose of this post is to help employers to create an enjoyable interview experience and portray the best possible impression of the company.

A two-way conversation

A job interview should be treated as a two-way conversation – a chance for both parties to learn about each other. A common mistake I see as a recruiter is that employers often see it only as an opportunity to learn about the candidate, leaving them with unanswered questions. The interview should be informative, and an opportunity for the candidate to ask questions throughout the interview.

A relaxed, friendly tone

A job Interview should always be a pleasant experience. It is often the first real-life impression that a candidate receives of the company, and they are a chance for the interviewer to set a positive tone that could and often does, seal the deal. Keep the conversation light-hearted, avoid giving a ‘grilling’ and start off with a friendly conversation to help the candidate to open up.

An accurate job specification

Employers should always provide an accurate and detailed job specification outlining a description of the role, expectations of candidates and skillset/experience requirements. This will help candidates to tailor their resume to best portray their suitability, prepare for the interview and ensure that there are no crossed wires as to what is expected of the successful candidate.

Introduce the company and the role

Make sure that you can give in-person insight into the company and the role, outlining the attractions. This can be an overview of the company and the role, or an expansion of the job specification. The candidate will see the conversation as valuable and informative. It also indicates that the interview is a two-way conversation and helps the candidate to relax.

Interview before testing

I have seen companies in the past that have chosen to conduct aptitude or technical testing before actually meeting with a candidate as part of their standard recruitment process. No matter how great the company is to work for or what reputation it has within its industry, it sets an impersonal tone on the application process and I have seen it steer candidates away to competitors.

Do not reschedule unless you absolutely must

Candidates often spend days preparing in the build up to interviews. Yes, attending to your clients’ needs is important and sometimes unavoidable but imagine losing a strongly suited candidate to a competitor simply because they felt that they were not treated with courtesy during the interview process. If you have to reschedule, at least provide a full explanation and apology.

Put in effort with every candidate you meet

The Cayman Islands job market is small and word of mouth plays a big part in employer branding. The same effort should be made during the interview even with weaker candidates to make a pleasant impression. There is a good chance that they have a network of similar professionals who they could share their experience with.

Manage expectations

Did you like the candidate? Let them know! Do not leave them in the dark and give your competitors the opportunity to swoop them away. Do you have other interviews lined up? Let the candidate know when they should expect to hear from you.

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